Device Connectivity

Kno2 is connected to common, everyday office imaging equipment –transforming the content & delivery methods right from very devices that perpetuate fax in healthcare. Combine this with your EHRs interoperability services and you now have an interoperable office.

Replace your standalone fax machine.

Use Fax to Get Rid of Fax

Fax technology today does not support the demands of healthcare. The five steps below will solve everything that frustrates you about fax.

With just a click of a button

Rather than walking up to the device and leveraging scan to email, scan to fax, or scan to folder…and creating yet another copy of protected health information (PHI), compounding the risk of HIPAA violations…simply use Kno2.

Put your document in the feeder, select a provider or organization and press Share Patient Information. The process is the same, but the outcome yields a different result…HIPAA-compliant, EMR-compatible, electronic exchange.


Konica Minolta Healthcare MFP


Xerox Healthcare MFP


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