Optimize how you

exchange patient documents

to better coordinate care.

Kno2 helps you send and receive patient information electronically, in the right format and available in your patient chart, right at the point of care to help healthcare providers make critical medical decisions without delay.

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Transform messy into meaningful


Every day providers get inundated with patient files arriving in many different ways in a variety of formats. This gets messy, inefficient and vital patient information can be missed.


With Kno2, you can receive and transform disorganized health records — fax, x-ray, video and other paper or digital files — and send as a smart, secure output compliant with evolving healthcare regulations.

Send and receive from one interface

Stop jumping from application to application, device-to-device. Request, send, process and receive patient information in any format, from a single intuitive interface. A simple streamlined workflow means less time wasted, and a smarter transition of care for your patients.

Eliminate the busy work

Get connected

Connect electronically with organizations in your area and nationwide with access to the Surescripts Direct address book. Streamlined referrals. A faster, more accurate transition of care.

Request records electronically

Automated record requests make it easy to get the patient information you need, faster and more precisely.

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Cut the clutter

Simplify the release of patient records — no more CDs, USB sticks and piles of paperwork. Just secure, compliant output.

A better transition of care

As patients move from provider to provider in their communities, Kno2 ensures information moves with them electronically in a secure, standardized format. This gives providers real-time access to accurate, up-to-date patient information, keeping them informed and equipped to deliver the highest level of care to their patients.

Take the heavy lifting out of healthcare

Lightweight and in the cloud. No bulky applications to install, complex IT setups or hours of training to figure it out. Start focusing on what’s important — patient care — we’ll do the rest.

What others are saying

Kno2 gives us the ability to shape how we exchange information with our partners from a single, centralized and customized resource. Having more control over this critical process means we can be more responsive to our guests and our partners.

Christopher Opladen
Vice President Operations

Our focus was finding a solution that improved the timeliness of information exchange... getting it into the electronic record quickly, securely and from a point-to-point perspective. Kno2 helps take our clinical staff out of that time-intensive process so they can focus on their primary role of providing care and support to their patients.

Mary Peelen
Health Information Systems
Mental Health Center of Denver

Smart exchange with Kno2